Miscalculations Send Timber Falling Onto House Roof

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Published: January 31, 2018

This video shows the unfortunate moment when a woodcutter chops down a tree, but makes wrong calculations and sends timber falling onto a house roof. Footage was filmed on January 21, 2018 in Son La, Vietnam and captured the epic fail on camera.

A man was cutting a large tree, but due to miscalculations, the timber tree fell on the top of a roof and caused a lot of damage. Watch as the logger takes down the tree, working his way through the tree’s trunk with a chainsaw in an attempt to make it fall away from the house, obviously.

However, the woodcutter must have made some wrong calculations and failed to notice how top-heavy the tree is, so when he made the final chainsaw cut to finish off the tree, he was shocked to see the timber head in house’s direction!

After sawing at the trunk one last time, an almighty crack can be heard before the tree starts to fall.The forester watches on in horror as the tree begins to fall the wrong way, before crashing down on top of the house's roof, flattening it down, making a big mess. A hole in the shape of a timber can be seen in the middle of the house roof and its facade. Things took the wrong turn and everything happened so fast, the man is left for words and just stands there, not moving a muscle!

The tree-feller watches in disbelief as he wood-n't have seen that coming! The poor man watches in horror as the tree he is cutting down falls directly onto a nearby house and makes some serious damage. Hopefully, nobody got hurt!

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