Lazy Dog Makes It Clear He's Not Getting Up

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Published: January 31, 2018

Although it's a lovely day in Florida, Tyler the dog is just too lazy to get up to go outside and do his business. No matter how nicely his owner asks him to go outside, the lazy Husky would much rather lounge at home.

“You wanna go outside?” the human asks politely, but the dog doesn’t care. Instead of getting up, he rolls on his back and shows his belly. It would seem that this is a Husky term for “no, not really”.

“No? You sure?” the human asks again, with an added cheer in her voice, hoping that the warmth and good spirits in her voice will work their magic and lift the lazy dog out of his cot. Nope.

“You wanna go potty?” continues the owner’s attempt at wiggling her dog out of the house and into nature, but Tyler just lays there, ears flat to his head and looking at his owner with pleading eyes that just scream “please don’t make me move”.

The owner makes the obvious conclusion on her own. Tyler is nice and cozy here, inside, where it is nice and warm and dry. Nature can wait.

We are just really surprised that he didn’t complain, like Zeus the stubborn Husky did when his owner told him to give up the front seat! No matter how nicely she asked, the Husky would complain and nag, very loudly too!

That is really hilarious!

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