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Rumble The naughtiest rudest bunny ever! Try Not To Laugh Challenge
Tex Is a Rex Rabbit and is Very friendly but he was caught out on camera being Very Rude, he's So Funny though.
Watch how rude he is, he rubs his bottom along the floor, burbs, eats loudly, and even swears at the end, but don't worry its bleeped out!
Tex is a house rabbit and he thinks he rules the house, he purposely knocks over our drinks, Knicks the kids toys, helps himself to his food & ours if he gets a chance, He is such a naughty but funny boy!
Rex rabbits are ideal as pets, as they are hardy and intelligent. The name is derived from the Rex gene, which is responsible for its straight hair that grows perpendicular to the body, and curly whiskers and eyebrows. The emergence of this breed was a result of the recessive mutation of the Rex gene.

These rabbits come in standard and mini versions. They are medium-sized rabbits that are very popular as pets. Rex rabbits are also raised for their meat and fur. However, the practice is not common; as they are smaller, as compared to certain other rabbit breeds. They are also frequently seen as show rabbits.
One of the factors behind the popularity of Rex rabbits as pets, is its friendly nature. Even though, personality and temperament are based on genetics to a certain degree and the extent of socialization of the animal; in general, it can be said that, these rabbits gel well with humans and other pets. Rex rabbits have a motherly nature, and are often found to be used as foster mothers for raising young ones of other rabbits. Their activity level can be rated as low to moderate. These rabbits rest during the daytime, and get active in the evening and early morning hours. They are playful, and are also easy to handle. They like holding, cuddling and patting too. It is said that, they are the most intelligent among the different rabbit breeds. They can also be potty trained with much ease. They are so gentle in nature, that Rex rabbits are considered as ideal pets for families with kids. However, make sure that the kids know about proper handling of these animals. They can also be nippy at times. Males may get aggressive, as they get sexually mature. So they are sterilized before five months of age.
A diet of timothy hay and commercial rabbit food is sufficient for these rabbits. You may also feed adult Rex rabbits with alfalfa (Lucerne) hay occasionally. Even fresh green leafy vegetables can be included in their diet; but, make sure to introduce new foods gradually. You may also feed them with small amounts of vegetables, like corn, cauliflower and carrots; once in a week or fortnight. However, avoid cabbage and lettuce. In case of commercial rabbit pellets, ¼ cup a day is said to be sufficient for a rabbit, for every two kilograms of its body weight. Soft watery foods have to be provided to the kits that are below the age of five months. Hay has to be provided daily, along with a regular supply of fresh water.

In short, Rex rabbits are excellent pets with a lifespan of five to six years. Proper care, including a balanced diet, good hygiene and an ideal housing may help you in raising healthy Rex rabbits. If you are interested in raising them as pets, it will be better to have a thorough knowledge about their requirements. Approach authentic breeders for buying this rabbit.