Cheeky Elephant chases animals from "his" watering hole

Published January 31, 2018 13,946 Views $1.61 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis funny incident was filmed at a water point in the Kruger National Park. This video tells the story of a very temperamental and cheeky young elephant bull that believes a certain waterhole belongs to him.

At the top of the hill, there is a concrete reservoir, storing the water for the below open water point. Over time elephants figured out they can drink straight from this reservoir as they are tall enough to reach inside with their trunks. So they have this one all to themselves. This concrete reservoir then feeds the open water point below, roughly a hundred yards away. This water is then accessible for all other animals that cannot reach over the wall of the reservoir.

All of this did not seem good enough for this young bull elephant. As much as elephants love fresh water, just as much do they hate to share any water with other animals. Why is that? Well probably just because they can. You are the largest land mammal on the planet weighing close to five tons and drinks up to 150 liters of water per day. Why should you share?

This elephant adamantly and full of cheek made his way from the reservoir, down towards some blue wildebeest standing at the water. Poor animals were just trying to have a drink at the open water point. One can hear the rumbling noise while he approaches with his head held up high. This guy was on a mission to show everyone who is boss. With a loud scream, followed by a trumpeting noise, he chases away the poor wildebeest before they can even have a proper drink. Then it gets even funnier.

This cheeky elephant then takes a trunk full of mud and slings it towards the wildebeest, just to really show them what he thinks about them sharing "HIS" water. The last part of the video shows a few other elephants now joined the cheeky bull elephant. The wildebeest think about returning to the water in desperation. The elephant bull walks up to them again in a threatening manner, head held up high and ears out. Then, just as the young one did earlier, another elephant takes a trunk full of mud and slings it at the wildebeest in a comical manner. The wildebeest there and then decided they had enough of this harassment and eventually moved off, only to return later once the elephants moved on. Who knew elephants could get involved in mudslinging!


  • DavidMcNab, 2 years ago

    Greedy water hog, lol. That's amazing footage!

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