Legal Action Updates and Exposing Agitators Within the Freedom Movement. With Tanya Gaw & Ted Kuntz Feb. 7, 2024

3 months ago

Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada, joins Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada, to discuss their Covid-related legal actions. They provide an update on their cases as well as discuss several of the wins that were achieved early on as a result of filing their Notices of Civil Claim.
In addition, Tanya and Ted will also expose and provide evidence of a small group of individuals who have spent three and a half years undertaking a military style smear campaign against their attorney, Rocco Galati, as well as Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada. Their voracity raises the question as to whether or not these individuals are in it for personal gain or if they are possibly paid agitators.

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