FAILED- The SC Election Commission Audit

2 months ago

In this video, SC Safe Elections talks to forensic accountant Laura Downing and Cybersecurity expert Julie Baker to discuss the audit of the SC Election Commission by the Legislative Audit Council. We summarize the top findings of the report which is a must read and can be found here:

How can the people of South Carolina trust their elections when they know that:
*Only 58% of the counties complied with the audit.
*$5M of election qpuipment is unaccounted for
*Recommendations from the audit done 10 years ago were never implemented
*Data was not being shared with ERIC nor were ERIC recommendations for list removals being followed
*Post-election hand count audits were not uniform, not done properly and were considered unusable. Clear Ballot virtual audits also showed error rates that exceeded the allowable machine error rate.
*Most concerning, citizens were kept from observing the elections and audits as well as from obtaining valuable election records

These are just some of the lowlights.....

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