Cat can't resist running water in Christmas decoration

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Rumble / Cats & KittensMitzy is like most cats when it comes to water. They prefer to drink from a tap, fountain or other source that is flowing. She has a bowl of water that is kept filled, as well as access to two dog bowls that are kept filled too, but as soon as you walk into the bathroom, she hops right up on the counter and waits for the tap to be turned on.

Most cats do this. They even make water bowls that circulate water in order to appeal to thirsty cats just because of the obvious preference.

Scientists and animal behaviorists have examined this common behavior and have come up with theory. Long before cats were domesticated, they would avoid still water because it could be stagnant and bacteria-laden. Running water is much likely to be fresh and clean, therefore much healthier for cats. This is something that they have not let go of and we find that our cats still seek moving water over standing water.

Sometimes water running from a tap is simply entertaining because it is moving. Either way, a cat will definitely drink water from a bowl if it has to but you can't blame them for wanting it this way.

Mitzy is actually a rescued cat, having found her way into this family's home and hearts one cold winter night when she was still small. A basement window had been left open after a wood stove had belched smoke into the family room. Obviously, a homeless stray, she came inside to seek shelter from the bitter cold. She encountered the family's Great Dane pup who barked and chased her under a couch. After a few minutes of barking, it was clear that something under the couch had the dog worked up. The family lifted up the couch and found one terrified and skinny kitten.

Mitzy has not ventured outside since, except for the occasional escape onto the porch and then a quick retreat back inside. She has been a part of the family for almost ten years.


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