🦜 Sara the Umbrella Cockatoo's Gift: Sharing Love & Toys! 💕 | Cute Bird Moments

15 days ago

Join us for a heartwarming moment with Sara, our affectionate umbrella cockatoo, who decided to share her love in the most adorable way possible - by bringing me one of her wooden toys! 🎁 In this touching clip, witness the pure joy and pride Sara feels as she presents her gift, all while Boo, our Goffins cockatoo, expresses his jealousy from another room. But Sara, ever so sweet, responds with a gentle 'sssh' in her happy whisper, soothing the atmosphere with her calmness.

Sara's nurturing instinct shines through as she attempts to share and possibly feed her toys to everyone, a sign of her hormonal state and her deep affection for her cockatoo companions. During this tender exchange, we also notice a new notch in Sara's lower beak, likely a souvenir from a previous attempt to share her toys. Despite this, Sara remains joyful and unaffected, showcasing her resilience and the strong bond we share.

🦜💕 As Sara makes her happy yawns, revealing the notch on her beak, I reassure her of her goodness, which she acknowledges with another content 'sssh' and a healthy yawn. The clip ends with a kiss, sealing a moment of pure cockatoo kindness and quirkiness.

Managing a diverse trio of cockatoos - a Moluccan, a Goffins, and an Umbrella like Sara - comes with its challenges, but it's moments like these that remind us of the unique personalities and deep emotions our feathered friends possess.

🎥 If you're captivated by the complex world of cockatoos or just in need of a dose of cuteness, this video is a must-watch. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more glimpses into the lives of Sara, Boo, Misha, and their heartwarming antics.

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