Cheeky Kid Upstages Juggler During Street Performance

AFV Published January 30, 2018 70,293 Plays

Rumble A hilarious video has emerged of a cheeky kid messing with a street performer in his act of juggling.This snarky kid was pulling the leg of this unbalanced street performer after he was chosen to volunteer.

Footage shows a street performer, trying to balance his weight on a ball while he holds two clubs and waits for the volunteer to pass him the third club in order to continue with his street performance. The young kid makes a swift move but fails to pass the club to the juggler, he hits him in between his legs and leaves the audience in tears of joy.

The kid makes a second attempt to pass the club, but this time the street performer teaches the kid how to throw the club in order to score and help his juggling, but the kid continues to entertain the audience by messing with the juggler.

When the juggler tells the kid to raise his hand, referring to the hand in which he holds the club, the kid raises his other hand and makes the audience laugh even harder. Eventually, the kid approaches the juggler and hands him the club, but again, he holds it too low, urging the juggler to work his way and lower his body, hence working his lower core, just to get to the club. This amazing kid has worked his magic and entertained the audience, accidently upstaging the juggler!

Juggling is something we often see at the circus. It is a kind of performing art which is quite difficult to perform. All amateurs start with juggling two or three balls in a “shower” or circle pattern with one hand throwing and the other catching.

However, it is far easier to learn juggling if they attempt it by throwing the balls alternately with both hands in the “cascade” or the figure eight pattern. Depending on one’s skill, it may take hours or days to learn to juggle three balls. The time increases to months to move on to four balls and years to master five or more object!