Sleepy Bulldog complains about her whining sister Hopelily

Published January 30, 2018 3,704 Plays $7.55 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSomeone really needs to invent a software program that can translate dog speech, but until then we will have to keep guessing the hidden meaning behind canine barks, howls, growls and whines. Listen to this funny pup whine and complain to her owner about who knows what in this hilarious clip!

From early age, puppies quickly learn that whining is rewarded with attention and comfort from their mothers. In fact, many dogs continue to whine into adulthood and it is their way of seeking attention from owners. A whine from an adult dog can mean a number of things, frustration, hunger, happiness, anxiousness, excitement, fear, sadness, etc.

In this adorable clip, a vocal Bulldog puppy is captured throwing a temper tantrum at owner, continuously complaining and whining about something. The adorable pooch engages in some serious talk-back when owner asks what the matter is. The attention-seeking whines coming out of this dog will melt your heart.

The pooch is comfortably sitting on her cozy blanket next to another Bulldog pup who is resting on the covers. When the whiny canine starts to produce squeaky sounds, the sleepy Bulldog starts to whine and ask to be left alone in silence to continue with his nap! Hilarious!

Watch the adorable feud between these two adorable pooches as they argue in the funniest manner. Owner starts laughing, wondering what is wrong with her lunatic dogs, as they whine and bark at each other for no reason at all!

If you feel that your dog is experiencing any kind of discomfort or distress, it's important to consult with your veterinarian, who can determine if there's a medical issue behind the whining.