"Kid Shaved Off Eyebrows"

AFVVirals Published January 30, 2018 575 Plays

Rumble "As far as kids are concerned, it is always a making-mess time of the year. This funny little kid shaved off his eyebrows. Can you imagine that? The kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, there is no telling where chaos will strike next when kids are involved. Some parents may accept mayhem as a part of their children's youth, but shocking moments can occur, too. Watch this mom's reaction, when she sees that her kid shaved off his eyebrows in the bathroom. She is really worried. And when she asks him what happened, the boy claims that the razor fell on his face while he was trying to scratch. He shaved his brows for no particular reason, and he also denies the truth! What a funny little rascal! There are many videos of youngsters doing this brow shaving stuff and parents will never understand the reason behind it. It is ludicrous!"