Abandoned Puppies Befriend A Lonesome Giant Tortoise

5 years ago

Four tiny puppies were brought to a local PetSmart near Corona, California. The man who brought them said he found them on his property and wasn't able to catch the mom. He handed the four furry bundles of joy inside a beer box. Foster mom, Andrea from 2nd Chances Rescue took the scared and shaking pups home with her. The pups were fed, given a warm bed and a safe place to sleep but even with all that, something was missing in their lives.

At Andrea's home, she also rescued a Sulcata <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3rvkf-bossy-tortoise-chases-away-two-pet-bulldogs.html" target="_blank">tortoise</a> named Goliath. For the most part, Goliath was alone.The other dogs and puppies that went through Andrea's home largely ignored the eighty pound, lumbering giant, but this time was different.

One day when Andrea came home to take care of the pups, she realized that one of them was missing. She looked all over her house and backyard fearing one of them may have gotten out or lost or snatched. What she found instead were the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v2ziyl-monkey-with-his-new-puppies.html" target="_blank">puppies</a> inside tortoise's hutch, snuggling with Goliath.The giant tortoise didn’t mind the company of the happy dogs, in fact he was thrilled by their friendship and they helped him fight his loneliness.

These orphaned pups needed someone big and strong to protect them and replace the mother figure in their life. So, they found a protector in an eighty pound Sulcata tortoise named Goliath. Since that day, the pups and their great big friend have been doing everything together. The pups were happier knowing they were safe with Goliath - and Goliath? Well, he came out of his shell. Don’t you just love happy endings?

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