The Last Super Bowl? Sin City Parties While the Border is Wide Open

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The US (and UK) just bombed three different countries (Yemen, Iraq, and Syria) the weekend before Superbowl 58 in Las Vegas, and now hundreds of thousands of people are getting together in Sin City for one of the most celebrated mass gathering events of the entire year. What could possibly go wrong?

With a wide open border, enemies on all sides vowing retaliation / vengeance, and threats of terror attacks at an all time high, this could be a repeat of the historic Las Vegas Massacre of 2017 when unsuspecting victims were gathered for a Jason Aldean country concert.

This Livestream is going to be a deep dive into all of the various aspects going into what very well could be the "last" super bowl that is ever played on American soil. Get prepared for WW3 and terror with this important video, and please share the truth!

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