"What Does The Fox Say?'"

AFVViralsPublished: January 30, 201814 views
Published: January 30, 2018

"'What Does The Fox Say?' - sings this cute little kid in his dad's car. He really enjoys the song he is listening to. The boy imitates the fox sound almost perfectly. 'No pictures!' - he says with displeasure and hides from the camera. Being famous isn't all that great, don't you think? Kids love to listen to music and sing as well. It makes them feel better, as a matter of fact, music gives everyone a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Music helps the body and mind to work together and the results are amazing. When your children ask to use the Internet, they usually mean 'YouTube videos'. Kids seem to really enjoy the time watching and listening to funny music videos. This young boy's favorite song + his cute green earphones, make a perfect singing combination. Maybe he is not meant to be the next superstar, but at least he has the will."

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