Bombshell Study: We now have 100% Scientific Proof why the Jabbed are Dying Suddenly

2 months ago

Dr. Chris Shoemaker with Jim Ferguson.

Hearts are having to work MUCH harder for people who have had two Covid-19 Jabs or more.

A September 2023 published study in which multiple major study centers from around the world participating in comparing non-vaccinated hearts to those who have been vaccinated - what they found was astounding -- a 47% INCREASE effort going on in the Cardiac Cells of vaccinated people compared to unvaccinated people .

They found that this elevation persisted for at least SIX Months.

Was this study Valid?

YES. They took 5,000 patients worldwide and they meticulously (screened) got this down to 1,000 so this would be a valid, verifiable study in which 700 were double jabbed and 300 were non-jabbed. This was a legitimate elevation and strain on the heart muscle.

It was confirmed with P Value <.0001.

The Unvaxxed had no elevation in cardiac effort for the next six months.

Now we have a scientific reason why people are dying suddenly 6 months to a year after the shots.

“This terrible, nefarious thing, in which lots are different one place to another, that’s a plan. They didn’t accidentally make one lot worse than the other. It was purposely done. It didn’t happen by accident!”

The development of these controversial vaccines is now linked to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Defense. Furthermore, a shocking 33% of the substances used in these COVID vaccines are purported to be DNA-altering elements, having permanent effects on the bodies of those inoculated.

The global rise in cases of Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, has been tied to these vaccine developments, pointing to a massive health crisis. These revelations call into question the safety, ethics, and motivations behind the global vaccination drive, sparking urgent calls for accountability and transparency.

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