Confronting The World's Powerful Davos Elite

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Confronting the Global Elite and Speaking Truth to Power - with Avi Yemini.

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Leon sits down to talk with Avi Yemini to discuss his recent trip to the WEF conference in Davos where he confronted some of the most powerful and influential people and corporations in the world - including Tedros, Albert Bourla, John Kerry, Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, a former Australian PM and representatives from Black Rock. He also runs into and interviews rapper from the Black Eyed Peas and debates free speech with him.

Avi dared ask the world's most elite and powerful questions that others would dare not ask. His line of questioning and reporting style led to some remarkable and unforgettable confrontations and scenes in the history of modern journalism.

If you want to know why Avi is one of the most censored and demonised journalists in the world, then don't miss this podcast!

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