Old Goodman Blues, Newfie, (Len Hawco) Kulture artist

19 days ago

Australian Version, Canadian Version On Way.

The KULTURE, Liberated Artist Deal.

Every time you buy a song you get 4 things

1: You show your appreciation of a brave artist, and encourage the development
2: You support the freedom of speech defending platform, Cafe Locked Out
3: You get to own a great song
4: You get to flip the bird at those who are seeking to control us.

The Songs are $5.00 $3. goes to the Artist. $2 to supporting Kulture and Cafe Locked Out. Find the songs here https://cafelockedout.com/kulture/KULTURE;

KULTURE a Community of Liberated Artistic Warriors of Hope, creating powerful, and innovative work from the Cultural front line.

Cafe Locked Out is an Australian based Free Speech Platform and Defender of Art.

"Art is the soul's self-healing tool, but it can only heal if the artists is free."

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