The Bible - Is It Really God’s Word

22 days ago

Wilton Church - Feb/04/2024
Pastor Herb Van Essen
Pastor Herb discusses the significance and divine inspiration of the Bible. He begins by recounting the story of Andrew van der Bijl, known as Brother Andrew or "God’s Smuggler," who, driven by his belief in the Bible as the Word of God, smuggled Bibles into communist countries. His story underscores the lengths to which individuals have gone to distribute the Bible, believing in its power to transform lives through the knowledge of God and the forgiveness of sins.

The Pastor then shifts to questioning the authenticity of the Bible as God's Word, highlighting the contemporary challenges it faces, including controversial actions and statements by Pope Francis. The Pope's endorsement of rewriting the Bible to align with modern political and environmental agendas, as reported by "The People’s Voice," is presented as a deviation from traditional Christian doctrine, further questioning the Bible's sanctity and its role in Christianity.

Pastor Herb defends the Bible's divine inspiration, citing scripture from 2 Timothy 3:16, Genesis 2:7, Hebrews 4:12, and 1 Peter 1:23, among others, to argue that the Bible is indeed God-breathed and a living document. The uniqueness of the Bible is also highlighted through the diversity of its authors, who, guided by the Holy Spirit, wrote in their styles without compromising the message God intended to communicate.

The Pastor supports the Bible's authenticity and reliability by referencing archaeological discoveries and historical evidence that validate biblical accounts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Pontius Pilate inscription, and the discovery of the altar on Mt. Ebal. These findings are used to argue against critics who doubt the Bible's historical accuracy and to affirm that the Bible's teachings have been preserved over millennia without corruption of essential doctrines.

This sermon asserts the enduring truth and authority of the Bible, emphasizing its role in guiding believers in faith and life. The Pastors' personal conviction in the Bible as the Word of God is presented alongside arguments and evidence intended to persuade viewers of its divine origin, reliability, and relevance in the modern world. Pastor Herb concludes by encouraging viewers to read, believe, and practice the teachings of the Bible, describing it as a source of wisdom, safety, and holiness.

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