Qi Wireless Phone Chargers Review

Published January 29, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble These two wireless charging offerings from JUNAN are among the most inexpensive Qi charging options I've found. They are both good little chargers, though they feel cheaply made, so I'm not certain of their longevity.

Charger Stand | http://a.co/i9exhZR
I'm not sure how much pressure the plastic base would withstand. Just don't yank on it and you'll most likely be okay. The charging disc slides up/down the stand which is an interesting, abeit mostly pointless, feature. The good of the feature is you can slide it to the bottom and lay your phone in the horizontal orientation. The bad of this feature is that it's difficult to tighten the disc to keep it from moving accidentally, and I've already had a couple times where it didn't exactly line up with my phone because I bumped it. The other weirdness is the placement of the micro-USB plug on the disc at the bottom, necessitating an odd kink in your USB cable or making it so your cable hangs out awkwardly behind the stand. I've already had inconsistent experiences with this charger, so while it's nice looking and a great way to jump in to the wireless charger environment, I hesitate to recommend it as your main wireless charging option.

Charging Pad | http://a.co/50XX7Dx
This charger doesn't have much style - in fact, there is a total lack of branding beyond the words "Wireless Charger" on the face of the plastic. I like that there isn't an obnoxious brand, and if you wanted to have a nice bit of SWAG for your brand, I could definitely see buying up a few of these, slapping a sticker on it, and giving them away as door prizes (you could do worse).

The LED light around the edge of the unit is a great touch - it's red when nothing is on it, so I can't recommend this for placement in a bedroom because the LED is "always on" - and it's blue when your device is charging. Since this is a charging pad and not a stand, it's easier to miss your mark when placing your phone so just make sure your phone starts charging once it's placed.

If you simply love your wireless charging, this would be a good unit to toss in a bag for travel - it's so small and compact you'll hardly notice it. The charging times seem comparable with other units I've tried (dependent on the power source feeding it, naturally).