Brilliant Way Of Defrosting Your Windshield In Seconds

6 years ago

As we head deeper into the deepest depths of winter, you’re probably wondering—like many people—what the quickest and easiest way is to get rid of pesky ice from the windshield of your car. Fear not! This video has you covered.

For years, we’ve been diligently scraping away at our windshield with an ice scraper, which takes a lot of effort and is also kind of a bummer thing to do when it’s freezing outside, and all you want to do is to get into the warmth of your car so your frozen fingers and toes can defrost just a tiny little bit. If you’re like us, then there’s probably been many a time when you’ve wished that there was another way—literally, any other way—to get rid of all that ice that obstructs your vision and can make driving more dangerous.

The good news is that the ingenious solution offered up in this quick, entertaining, and educational video is super easy to create, and chances are you already have what you need right this second in your own home. Having said that, do NOT make the mistake of simply spraying warm water onto your windshield! Combining warm water with cold ice can cause your windshield to crack—which definitely isn’t the “solution” that anybody is looking for!

We’ll admit that it would never have occurred to us to try out the handy alternative offered up in this brief video, but now that we have it we’re positively looking forward to the next time our windshield is covered in ice and needs a bit of cleaning off before we can get into our car and head off on our merry way.

It doesn’t take long to create the chemical solution this video suggests—and it takes even less time to watch the video itself—so you should definitely consider this an investment of time well spent!

If you haven’t clicked the Play button yet, you’re going to want to do so as soon as possible. And you will absolutely for sure want to forward this on to friends and relatives, who undoubtedly are facing the same cold weather driving challenges that you are. So sit back, prepare a mug filled with your favorite warm beverage to keep you company, and prepare to have one of winter’s knottiest problems solved for you with the greatest of ease. It only takes a few seconds and you’ll definitely be glad you did!

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