"Most Adorable Puppy Walks All Over Owner"

AFV Published January 29, 2018 46 Plays

Rumble "This cute little pup has the most adorable obsession in the whole world. He is having a lot of fun by running circles around his owner's neck. Young dogs are more active and energized and the repetitive stuff this puppy is doing caught everyone's attention in the house. Each family member is enjoying his charming performance and the pup just can't get enough of this entertainment. His recreational area (the owner) somehow suits his size, don't you agree? The father is making fun of the four-legged friend, saying that his breath smells, haha! ' Never seen a dog do this' said the mom in laughter and the next moment the little doggo licked her daughter's toes! It is so hilarious! Don't you wish for puppies to stay this small forever? We recommend this video to you, in case you needed some cheering up today! A relief from everyday stress and pressure!"