Adorable Baby Cockatoo Doesn't Want To Sleep

RebeccaStoutPublished: January 29, 2018Updated: January 31, 201855,841 views
Published: January 29, 2018Updated: January 31, 2018

Onni is a baby cockatoo who adores his human daddy. Large parrots are extremely intelligent and cockatoos in particular are very emotional with the intelligence of a toddler. And that is exactly what Onni is acting like in this video. A bored toddler. We all know too well what it's like when a toddler doesn't want to sleep and whats more, won't let their parents sleep either. But like many parents, Onni's daddy is extremely patient. He doses in and out while Onni paces back and forth on top of him in hopes that he will wake up. Poor Onni even tries to lift his owners hand repeatedly to get him to pet him. The owner abides for a brief time or two before dozing back off to sleep again. When that doesn't work he walks back and forth on top of him and and hops around him in hopes of getting his attention. Onni has a wonderful home full of toys. But what fun are those when you have a giant human to annoy? How dare he sleep! At one point the white fluff ball tries to entertain himself on the couch but not for long. He's quick to run back and stare into his daddy's face inches away as he sleeps to no avail. In the end gets a wonderful suprise! Onni's human brother stops in for a visit and Onni is absolutely thrilled! He flies to him and melts into his arms. And dad ... is finally left to take his nap.

Onni means happiness and luck in Finnish and is an umbrella cockatoo. These large white parrots are found in Indonesia. Sadly they are critically endangered due to human encroachment in the rain forests and the loss of habitat. However, umbrella cockatoos are frequently found living as pets due to captive breeding over many generations. These playful and lovable animals need space, patience, and a LOT of time. They need special care and an incredible amount of attention. As you can see in this video, they feel as if they never get enough attention and so that need has to be met for them to live happy, healthy lives.

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