Justice for Trista-Parents of Pfizer Victim Trista Martin

17 days ago

On today's show, we talk with Allen and Taylor Martin about the tragedy they're enduring following Trista's death. Trista Martin was a beautiful, intelligent, and kind 18 year old who took the Pfizer injection without her parent's knowledge. She simply wanted more freedom and thought she would need the shot for college. Trista died 112 days after her first injection. The Taylor's are participating in a lawsuit suing Pfizer and I pray they're successful. Please go to https://www.justicefortrista.com/ and consider making a donation that will help the Martin's with their lawsuit and with their efforts to publicize this tragedy so that it never happens again. You can follow Allen on X. His X handle is @allendmartin This is an incredibly tragic story and the details are astounding. This is a must watch Truth Expedition. Please share this episode to raise awareness. We can help to be a voice for those who no longer have a voice! God, please bring clarity and peace to Allen and Taylor Martin!

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