Farmer Shocked To Find His Goat Trying To Speak

Published January 29, 2018 53,528 Views

A hilarious video has emerged of a chatty goat trying to engage in a long conversation with her owner. The farmer was shocked when he heard the rambunctious goat make human noises!

Goats can be extremely active animals, they often jump on top of other animals or flip off of surfaces just for fun. However, this farmer didn’t know that his goat can speak so he was shocked to find his goat trying to impersonate humans, crying her lungs out to produce talk-like noises. Incredible!

At first, when we heard the weird sound, we thought it was coming from a nearby screaming child. Moments later, we realized that the noise isn’t human at all and that is coming out of goat’s throat!

This goat must have heard people yelling and screaming so she picked up some conversation starters to make her look more human. It is amazing how she learned how to mimic all of them and put it in practice when farmer tried to talk to her! Of course, he couldn’t believe his ears, when he heard the goat trying to make a pep talk, given all the human-speech impersonification she had so far picked up. Have you ever heard a goat make human noises?

Footage shows the goat engaging in long conversation with the farmer and we cannot help but wonder what on earth this goat was trying to say! Does anyone have a goat to English dictionary to translate the meaning?
Actually, this noise that goats make is called a “bleat.” Goats commonly bleat when they’re trying to communicate with one another. Even though it sounds like a cry of distress, that is most often not the case. However, is it coincidental that the noise sounds very human?

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