Dog Successfully Slides Down A Hill Following Owner’s Footsteps

Published January 29, 2018 5,931 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the adorable moment when a playful dog decides to slide down a ski hill following owner’s lead. Watch as Blondie belly-slides down the hill going head-first in this funny clip. This pooch sure knows how to have fun!

Many dogs often enjoy snow even more than kids, and there are lots of things that you can do with your dog on a snowy day. Blondie goes skiing with owners and has mastered the body sliding technique! There’s something entrancing about sliding down a hill of snow, and Blondie absolutely loves diving and sliding across the packed snow. Watch as the pooch body slides down a snow covered hill, repeatedly sliding down in a head-first maneuver! Adorable!

It is very pleasing to watch this pooch’s utter delight in the slippery snow on this hill. Blondie has quickly realized that when she flops on her side and wiggles her legs a bit, she slides and goes down the hill! She doesn’t need a sledge, she is her own sledding machine, she uses her own body to go sledding with ease, because the snow is compact and a bit icy on the top. Blondie is having the time of her life and takes fun in the snow to a whole different level!

Blondie proves that it is not only humans that enjoy sliding down snowy hills. Who knew that dogs loved sliding on snow as much as children do? All she's got is her body, and she uses it to get down to the bottom of the hill. A little fun in the winter sun never hurt anybody! For some of us the ice might be a hazard and something that we would consider avoiding. Not for this dog, he plays on it like there is no tomorrow!