From feral to house cat

EFLORAROSS Published January 29, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble In December, 2016 we trapped a small gray feral cat, and named her Little Gray. We took her to a local organization that offers a free TNR program. She was estimated to be four months old, and had never experienced any pregnancies. She was spayed, vaccinated and dewormed, and we released her back with the colony that lives in the woods behind our home.

We feed and provide shelter for the colony, and have taken all the members in to be TNRd.

Over time, Little Gray began to become more social with us, eventually seeking out human touch. She learned to trust each member of our family. When the weather grew cold, she showed great interest in coming inside. And we decided to give it a try.

She is adjusting remarkably well. We have her set up in her own room. She was understandably freaked out at first, but has come to relax and settle in. She is incredibly sweet and loving.

Next step is a visit from a mobile vet and - if she receives a clean bill of health - introductions to our other indoor cats.

Oh, and if things work out, my daughter wants to rename her Bluestar, after a character in the Warriors book series. Complete with an official clan renaming ceremony.

We're hopeful this can become her furever home.