"Kid's Odd Reaction To Car Wash"

AFVViralsPublished: January 29, 2018
Published: January 29, 2018

"Are your kids afraid of the automatic car wash? Well, don't worry, it is not so uncommon for toddlers to react oddly in this kind of places. Parents are used to it. They even bring them on purpose, just to make videos of their hilarious reactions. This little boy behaved very strangely, saying 'Yeey' but made a really frightened face. It is absolutely funny. His mom records his reaction as they drive through the car wash. Parents are supposed to encourage their kids to get through their fears and these folks are actually doing it so well. The automatic car wash is a noisy dark tunnel with big moving things, pressing the car, so no wonder kids are so afraid of it. The mixed emotions of fear and joy felt by a kid who has his first drive-through car wash are captured in this adorable home video. Have fun watching it!"

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