Older Gentleman Dives 20 Meters Into Frozen Waters

ViralVideoUKPublished: January 29, 201819 views
Published: January 29, 2018

Going swimming for some of us might be the most exciting and fun event to do. Patiently waiting for all other seasons to end and summer to arrive just so we can go out to the beach, soak in the sun and take a swim in the beautiful deep blue. However, when we think of water and beaches, we usually think of summer as well, and not ice waters nor cold temperatures.

We however have been introduced to going for a deep into coldest of waters as this has proven to better the immune system and better our circulation. It has also been done for kindergarten kids in Russia to be taken out into the freezing temperatures wearing nothing but underwear. And this will further in their life play a part as it will make them stronger and more durable and able to withstand lower temperatures.

In this video we have a similar situation where we have an older gentleman that has dug a hole into the ice, big enough to fit his body in, and has decided that its a good day to go for a dive. Let alone the freezing water, but the fact that this hole is so narrow it makes it even more dangerous to dive deeper down due to the difficulty of finding the hole on your way up. There are cases in which people haven't been able to find the whole and have ended up drowning.

This video is dedicated to keeping you on your toes. Take a look!

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