Whiny English Bulldog Rests From Nap By Napping

Published January 28, 2018 141,462 Views $3.03 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious video has emerged of a needy English Bulldog demanding attention from owner. Footage shows owner relaxing on the couch and a whining pup making annoying squeaky sounds next to his ear.

Everyone loves a good nap in the middle of the day, a little siesta to refresh ourselves and finish the day strong. However, this lazy Bulldog can never have enough of the vitamin Z. You will be surprised to find out what Reuben wants after his nap! This needy pup makes a desperate plea for attention only to get on owner’s lap and get another nap!

Bulldogs are known for their good acting skills, and when barking and whining don't work in getting your owner's attention, it's time to pull out the big guns, the sad face with puppy eyes!

Footage shows that Reuben is obviously upset because his owner doesn't pay him enough attention, and the pooch first tries to get his attention by gently barking at him. When the owner doesn't budge from the couch and ignores his presence, the needy pooch decides that the situation calls for extraordinary measures, he plops his face on the side of the couch and makes the saddest face, pointing his puppy eyes at his owner.

Watch how he squeaks and whines over and over again until owner addresses him. Now, that he caught owner’s attention the needy pooch just needs to make them sad puppy eyes and get all the affection he needs from owner.

Reuben wanted to snuggle with his owner on the couch and grab another nap on the couch, in the coziness of owner’s lap. Could you believe this guy? He is the sleeping beauty of canines!

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