ZNT AirFits Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Review

Published January 28, 2018 209 Views $0.08 earned

Rumble The ZNE AirFits are an excellent alternative to other extremely expensive offeings. Great sound, great fit (and I typically don't like earbuds), and super compact design. The case acts as a charging base and battery pack for the AirFits, so you can get a lot of hours out of these.

To turn them on, just pick them up. If they aren't already paired with a device, the right earbud will automatically connect to the left earbud, which will go in to pairing mode. Connect to ZNT AirFits on your device and you're good to go! There is a single button on each ear bud that offers all the control you will need. Single press to answer a call, single press to hang up, double press to ignore a call. When listening to music, single press to play, single press to pause, and double tap to go to the next track. Pressing and holding the button on the left earbud for 1 second will open up your voice assistant on your phone (be it Siri or Google or other).

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