Touch Screen Gloves Review

Published January 28, 2018 0 Plays

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I like these gloves - I like that there is a 'medium' size available and not just "men's" and "women's" (because I normally have to order the women's), and I like how the medium size fits. These are one of the best touchscreen gloves I've used - the tacky/sticky palms are nice because it reduces the chance of dropping your phone and the medium fits tight enough that I feel like I have a pretty good angle when tapping on my phone's screen.

My main complaint about these gloves is against the marketing - these are NOT "winter gloves". They are not windproof or waterproof or thermal or bear proof. I won't expect them to be for the price, but I don't think they should be marketed this way.

My other negative is a small one - I don't mind the finger and thumb being different colors so you know where you can touch your phone, but the lightning bolt on the side and the power icon on the index finger serve no purpose and are really just an odd generic design choice. I'm glad they are at least reflective, but it seems like an odd choice and it makes these gloves less professional, in my opinion.

They're good $10 gloves, but NOT winter gloves.