This Pomeranian Puppy Totally Loses It On A Tablet Game

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Published: January 28, 2018Updated: January 29, 2018

We often forget that animals have more in common with us than we might think. We all need food to sustain us, warmth and shelter and of course, companionship to help us grow our kind. But, we often forget about the time that ticks away simultaneously while we fulfill our basic needs. There are 1440 minutes in a day, and it can get lonesome from time to time. Wild animals, contrary to our beliefs, aren’t immune to loneliness.So, it comes as no surprise that we rejoice the instances when we see them behave just like us, showing happiness and playfulness, just like we do.

Technology is hereto take us a step further and never allow us to feel bored nor alone. For some reason this puppy has figured this out, and not only that but he has grown a particular liking to this specific game with a ball. After many hours of strong dedication this pup has figured out all the tricks and tips to win this game. His owner however has stuck by him all the way through so she can capture every priceless moment of his fun.

So basically the point of this game is to try and catch the ball. However it does seem to move around quite a bit making it more difficult to do so. Somewhere close to the end this little puppy is getting sick of the speed at which the ball is shifting so he starts barking and taking it out on the tablet.

A little Pomeranian pup tries to catch the ball on an iPad in this adorable clip. Cuteness overload!

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