Ingraham Takes On Mexico's Vicente Fox: Why Can't You Keep Your Own People Happy

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Published: January 28, 2018

"I don't know why you have to tie together these two things," Fox said. "Let's get those kids those kids really supported. They want to stay here. And if not, we welcome them in Mexico. We would love to have them."

Ingraham pointed out that Mexico has difficulty providing its citizens safety and satisfying their economic needs, so they flee to the U.S.

"Why can't you keep your own people happy in your own country?" Ingraham asked. "Are you going to blame Trump for that too?"

"You're trashing the United States for deporting Mexicans and other people from our country -- we don't do that much. And meanwhile, you were deporting plenty of people, and you had lots of problems with the way immigrants were treated in the early part especially of your tenure," Ingraham said.

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