Dershowitz Battles Sen. Blumenthal: No Credible Case Against Trump!

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Published: January 28, 2018

I think the answer is yes and no. The special counsel is trying to build special counsel case. There is no credible case because under the Constitution a president cannot be charged merely exercising his constitutional authority under article 2. What senator Blumenthal referred to is cases are a president destroys evidence. There is no evidence of that. That’s what president Nixon did. Nixon was charged with obstruction of justice for ordering his underlings to lie to the FBI. Paying hush money. And destroying evidence. President Clinton was charged with obstruction for allegedly lying to the grand jury at a deposition. But if the president simply exercised his constitutional authority, namely firing underlings, which is he entitled to do telling the FBI not to investigate a particular person which he is entitled to do, pardoning people which he hasn’t done yet thinking about whether he should fire special counsel, that’s not obstruction of justice under the Constitution

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