Happy dog zooms around to celebrate good health

EvitaKnitsPublished: January 27, 2018Updated: January 29, 20184,202 views
Published: January 27, 2018Updated: January 29, 2018

One day Lupin's human came home and he didn't get up to greet her, which was very unlike him. She tried calling him to her and he stood up on shaky legs and collapsed to the ground. He spent the next hour being rushed to the vet panting from the pain. The vet gave him something for the pain and said he had an injury in the ligament in his knee. He was kept calm and wasn't allowed to jump around for 2 weeks whilst he waited for his x-ray appointment. It was hard suppressing his natural bounciness and he had to be put in his crate quite a lot of the time. This is what happened when he got a clean bill of health...

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