Alan Watt Redux 146 - "Great Reset and Experimental Vaccine Informed Consent" - Feb. 4, 2024

2 months ago

Scheduling, endings, beginnings - Why does propaganda and fear work so well? - Forbes, How To Convince People To Take The Covid Vaccine - 2009, Baxter: Product Contained Live Bird Flu Virus - 2009, Baxter Seeks Swine Flu Sample to Begin Work on Vaccine - Guardian Article from 2009, Swine flu? A Panic Stoked in Order to Posture and Spend - Framing Discourse to Encourage One Interpretation, Lockheed Martin - Leaked Documents, U.K. Program to Plaster Western Media with Anti-Russian Propaganda - Leveson Inquiry - Bloomberg's Vaccination Calculator - John Cleese on Plutocrats - Judge in Spain Orders Incapacitated Woman to Get COVID-19 Vaccine.

U.S. Strikes Over 85 Targets at 7 Sites in Iraq and Syria Against Iran’s Forces and Proxies

US moves to seize more than 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil it says was illegally trafficked

Escalating conflict with Iran could stop Putin | Ben Hodges

Atlantic Council's Ben Nimmo, Who Got Unz Review Banned on Facebook, Joins as Its Head of Anti-Influence Operations (2021)

RTE refuse to cover scandal of criminal and fraudulent behaviour of Independent Science Advisory Group pushing lockdowns (2021)

Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus (2009)

Swine flu? A panic stoked in order to posture and spend (2009)

Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland (2008)

The swine flu fiasco (1983 documentary)*/

60 Minutes: Swine Flu (1979)

Hospitalization Rates Higher in Kids Who Get Flu Shots

Changing the culture of concussion reporting among college athletes: The role of vested interests, organizational culture, and cultural narrative (2019)

Leveson Inquiry

It will take SEVEN YEARS to end the coronavirus pandemic by getting shots in the arms of 75% of the world's population (2021)

In Spain, judge orders incapacitated woman to get COVID-19 vaccine (2021)

"Awake in the Dream" - 2009 Documentary Made by Independent Norseman Film (CTTM's Cut) Part 1 (featuring Alan Watt)

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