"Small Puppy Growls At Kid"

AFVViralsPublished: January 26, 2018
Published: January 26, 2018

"Believe it or not, small dogs show more bad attitude than the bigger ones. This cute little puppy growls at the kid as if he was taking away his snack. The boy only wanted to cuddle with the doggo, but his reaction was ridiculously weird. We are guessing that this is the way he is throwing a temper tantrum. By growling at someone who tries to kiss him. He is one hell of a pup. At one moment, the puppy even licked the kid's face.That thing was so unexpected. A dog is more likely to behave like this, especially when he sniffs another dog's scent on his owner’s clothes. We are sure that the boy finds this very unpleasant. So think twice when petting other dogs, because your pet can get jealous! Puppies growl at small children for a variety of reasons, but this particular video made us laugh for sure!"

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