Puppy Doesn't Know What To Do With Water Dripping From The Sky

Published January 26, 2018 31,455 Plays $62.19 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRemember the first time you experienced anything? Being so young and curious, you rush to discover this thing that you see happening for the first time, but then get so thrown back by failing to understand it? Of course you don’t, none of us do, unless it was just recently. And it was probably too embarrassing to remember anyway.

But for one little pup, experiencing rain for the first time in his life was a hilarious ordeal for his owner. She noticed her French Bulldog puppy behaving kind of funny on the back porch, so the woman whipped out her phone camera and started recording.

“This is his first time in the rain. Check him out” says the woman, pointing the camera lens towards her curious pup. With every drop of rainwater that falls on his white fur, the pup jumps with surprise and looks back to see who the heck is poking him? The pup finds rain too much, so he goes running back in the house, but the woman won’t let him shun down on this educational opportunity.

“It’s okay, little guy” says the owner with obvious enthusiasm in her voice, inviting the pup to play, but as soon as the dog approaches the wet part of the porch, a drop of water hits him on the head and he back up again.

While we are on the subject of firsts, you have to see a couple of distant relatives of this pupper experiencing a different meteorological phenomenon. Two French Bulldogs got to experience snow for the first time too and the result is phenomenal!


  • TheEbonyDiva3, 1 year ago

    Mama...I think he's telling you "I don't like the rain, let's go inside"! 😯😉

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