"Cute Dog Afraid Of Spider Toy"

AFVViralsPublished: January 26, 2018
Published: January 26, 2018

"Even the toughest hounds can get scared too. Just take a look at this cute dog being afraid of a black spider toy. Hilarious! Exactly like most humans have a natural fear of spiders, animals such as dogs can have it too. And there is nothing strange about it. Anyone who's terrified of spiders can relate to this dog's funny reaction. At first, the doggo wasn't sure what is happening, but after a few seconds, he was jumping and barking anxiously. The enormous spider was moving towards him! Can you imagine that? His owner found this amusing and caught the moment with a camera, but not the dog. He was terrified. He was trying to figure out what to do with this spider-issue he had. To pull out spider pranks on your dog, especially on Christmas Eve, NOT SO COOL! We are sure all dogs will agree with us. LOL!"

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