"Kid And Backpack Fail"

AFVVirals Published January 26, 2018 203 Plays

Rumble "Parents love making fun of their kids in a good way. This little boy failed to wear that enormous backpack. But he wasn't clumsy at all, it was gravity's fault he fell down on the ground. His sister laughed so hard, saying what happened to him was hilarious. Children often face similar situations. For instance, at a young age, they carry backpacks that can be filled with many books and school stuff. So losing their balance and dropping on the floor, again and again, is nothing unusual. In this case, it was this boy mom's idea to film his historical fall, while the dad was preparing him for the funny moment. We are all familiar with a run of the mill pranks that family members did to us when we were young. It was a big part of our childhood. But hold your laughs until you see how helpless this guy looks, trying to get up on his feet."