"Chubby Cat Struggles With Pet Door"

AFVVirals Published January 26, 2018 357 Plays

Rumble "Oh, this unfortunate chubby cat. He is struggling to get through that pet door. While his owner is filming him, he could actually give him some help. This cat can't see a reason why his plan won't work. Getting through that door was pretty hard, but at least he made it. And HEY, he is not fat, he is curvy, haha! A cat's love for squeezing into boxes and through doors is so mythical that the internet is full of photos and jokes of them caught in the act. They simply love to hide and it is in their nature to be mysterious. Losing a few pounds it's hard, especially when you are a domestic cat and your owner pleases you with plenty of good foods. If your cat needs an attention, it will find a way to get it. It's simple, they need food, love, and affection right Meow! Watching funny cats, like the one in this video, is the hardest Try Not To Laugh challenge!"