Couple With Mirrored Lives Believe They Were Destined To Be Together

SWNSPublished: January 26, 2018
Published: January 26, 2018

A couple called Daniel and Danielle who were born at the same hospital on the same day fell in love and got married nearly forty years later.

Daniel and Danielle Dawson didn't know each other until they both signed up to a dating app on the same day. Now, 39-year-olds Danielle and Daniel Dawson are married and believe that their relationship is fate, especially after their first child was born on the same day of their first wedding anniversary!

They had both been born at the North Devon District Hospital on January 24, 1979, but met nearly forty years after and instantly felt like they have known each other their entire life. In addition they have the same name, in male and female form, and were both nicknamed Dan! How crazy is that?

This romantic story will make you believe in destiny! Do you believe in serendipities? Do you believe in soulmates? Do you believe in circumstances and happily-ever-afters? This unusual couple has all their sheeps in row and is strong on numerology! It is incredible how this meant-to-be couple from Barnstaple in Devon didn't meet until they signed up to a dating website, which they both subscribed to on the same day! Do you believe in miracles, because that is exactly what happened for Daniel and Danielle!

Read their inspiring story and restore your faith in true love. Somethings are meant to be and that is the true definition of fate!

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