Jack Russell “Beats Up" Owner For Potential Snack

Published January 26, 2018 111,106 Plays $371.21 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs would not be carrying the title “man's best friend” if they did not have up their sleeve so many ways in which they express their love for their owner. Take as an example the dog in this video.

This Jack Russell’s love for food is so strong that the owner can even feel it on her own skin, and not only in the moment of making the video but also days and days after. The massage she receives looks pretty “ruff”! When our four-legged hero understands he is not getting any of that delicious treat, he decides to change his strategy and go straight for the lady’s hair. The Jack Russell can be very stubborn at times, especially in this case when a tasty treat is at hand. So rude!

Of course, we can always flip the picture and look at it from another angle. What if this dog was not trying to squeeze some food out of his owner but, having such a refined sense of smell, had noticed that there was something seriously wrong with the food and that someone is trying to take his beloved owner away, so this was just his attempt at saving her? Conspiracy much? Most probably, but we love dogs so much that we always try to show them in the best possible light. And still… there is something very suspicious about the other dog in the video, the one just sitting in her lap. What if this other dog is the double agent that gave the owner her snack? Because, look at it, he does not even want to touch the food! Just look at it! If you ask us, there is something seriously fishy going on there!


  • ericaparis3777, 1 year ago

    Such a nuisance I would've smacked him

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