"Kitten VERY Protective of Her Food"

AFVViralsPublished: January 25, 201818 views
Published: January 25, 2018

"This kitten goes into a full panic mode when her owner pushes the food toward the other cat. She is clearly VERY protective of her food! Two cats share a bowl full of food but our furry friend on the right keeps the food right in front of her for the majority of the time. Of course, the owner notices and decides to tease the protective cat, she pushes the bowl of food toward the more passive cat. Not two seconds pass before the protective cat places her paw on top of the bowl and pulls it closer. My guess is that this happens every meal and that this isn’t the only thing these two kittens playfully fight over. Maybe it would be a good idea for the owner to invest in an extra bowl. But then again… maybe not… it is pretty entertaining to watch the two of them playfully fight over food. Check out this funny clip and share your thoughts in the comment section below!"

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