"20 Dobermann Videos That Will Make You Smile"

Published January 25, 2018 575 Plays

Rumble "Dobermann or Dobermann Pinscher dogs are intelligent, obedient, fearless, alert, energetic, loyal, confident and beautiful. If you share my love of Dobermann pups, you have to check out this compilation of the 20 Funniest Dobermann Videos. The clips in this comp will make you laugh, cringe and smile. The clip of a Dobermann playing with a Sphynx cat will have you cracking up! The Sphynx cat is standing on its back to legs while swatting at the Dobermann… I am loving their friendship. Even funnier – the Dobermann puppy that gets his head stuck in a jar of peanut butter. You will most likely cringe at the clip of the Dobermann who goes to jump onto a large tree branch but instead collides with it. EPIC FAIL. Check out the compilation and share your favorite clip in the comment section below!"