Dashcam captures near collision with school van full of kids

Published January 25, 2018 15 Plays $0.03 earned

Rumble Dashcam captures a morning commute. There is heavy traffic along this road most likely due to that bright yellow ball in the sky. It is really blinding. Which is probably why the van carrying school kids nearly collided with the driver. Witness how the van crosses over a couple of lanes into the driver's lane. He does signal however. The driver states, "I did not see the turn signal as I had my eyes on the road trying not to be blinded by that nuclear ball of fire!" The van does appear to hit the car but driver says it did not. He also said, "I had to swing into the breakdown lane and ride the rumble strip to avoid the collision. That's why I have a dashcam for these sorts of things. In case something like this happens." The bus should not be so quick to change lanes especially in those blinding conditions. He also crossed over a solid white line which the driver believes is not allowed. He did observe kids in the vehicle so they are lucky not to witness anything bad happen. There are many stories of buses flipping, colliding and getting into accidents. The ones that happened to children are the worse kind. Driver doesn't believe the bus driver had any idea of what happened and probably continued on his way blissfully unaware of the near death experience of all involved. Drive safe my friends.