These 10 Animal Births Prove Life Is A Miracle

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Published: January 25, 2018

We all know that the birthing process is one of the most difficult things a mom has to do. If they don’t worry about the pain, then they worry whether everything is going to turn out alright. But it all pales in comparison when they see their baby for the first time. The mother instinct kicks in and they would like to do nothing other than cuddle their bundles of joy for all eternity.

Similarly to humans, animals in the wilderness behave almost the exact same way. We say almost because unlike humans who nowadays have the help of the hospital staff and their obstetrician, wild animals give birth in nature and they usually do it alone, away from their kind.

There are different kinds of animal births, varying from births on land or on water, different amount of babies and even births where the male is the one that’s pregnant. But they all look equally incredible. The most noticeable births are the ones made by the seahorses. Apparently, the mother transfers the babies to the dad’s pouch where he carries them until it’s time to let them float away into the unknown world.

The birthing process also tells us a bit more about the parent’s love. Some moms, like the otters and seals, keep their babies by their side until they reach a certain age and they are ready to experience the outside world. Some are even more confident in their children’s ability to cope with the world, they actually leave them on their own right away, similar to what the sea turtles do.

There are many examples of this miraculous process, and here are just a few. Amazing!

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