Cute Baby Works On His Right Hook With A Little Help From His Uncle

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Published: January 26, 2018

Have you ever seen what happens when you leave the baby alone with a male relative? It doesn’t have to be the dad, it can be an older brother, even an uncle. Moms like to let the kid nap or play, while they do some cleaning, catch up on some reading or throw a quick spa treatment. But with the dads and uncles, it is a whole other shebang!

For example, have you seen the baby that like to “<a href="" target="_blank">dance</a>” to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? Of course a couple-months-old baby can’t dance, but with the help of a baby carrier and dad’s good will, everyone can do the moonwalk like MJ! People love that sort of thing, mostly because of the ways dad can entertain themselves with a silent baby, <a href="" target="_blank">while mom isn’t home</a>.

This is another way men entertain themselves with a tiny baby and it does not involve dancing, at least not in the traditional sense! A cute video has come up of a young uncle teaching his baby nephew how to dance in the boxing ring while early on, because kids at that age soak up knowledge like sponges. Just check out that right hook!

The kid looks like a pro already, with that mean look on his face and those baby muscles. Complete with the sound effects from the best uncle in the world, this just might be the best bonding activity we have seen.

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