The Further Flight from Reason

3 months ago

February 2024 Newsletter

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“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD….” —Isaiah 1:18

Two years ago (February 2022) we published a TBC article titled "The Flight from Reason." At that time, certain things were taking place that made you wonder if the world and the church had indeed taken leave of their senses, or, in the church's case, a huge slipping away from God's truth (Hebrews 2:1), verging on complete irrationality.

Reason, even at the level of just plain common sense, has ceased to be the criterion of everyday living. That was certainly obvious in the realm of politics. Although the mantra of the various left-leaning agendas claimed it was for the good of society, the "good" was either short-lived or quickly destructive. Gaining control over the populous was their main goal, and the objective was to impose a certain ideology on the masses by whatever means. For Bible-believing Christians it became necessary to enter into the political realm as voters when the promoted agendas dealt with moral issues such as abortion and the legalization of mind-altering drugs. We certainly have a responsibility as US citizens to affect the outcome of what our government attempts to adopt, especially regarding the consequences related to our children. However, that's not the primary concern of this article. It's the effect that the seeming abandonment of reason is having on the church.

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