Here's How The People At Yakutsk Fish Market Survive The Cold

ZoominTVNews Published January 25, 2018 10 Plays

Rumble Chief in the human’s unique capabilities, is our ability to adapt to multiple habitats. But these fish dealers in Yakutsk, Russia are pushing things further than you’d ever expect.

When the temperatures are at about 20 degrees, the cold is quite refreshing and a light hat and scarf are all that's required to keep warm. At -4, the moisture in your nostrils freezes, and the cold air starts making it difficult not to cough. At -30, the air is cold enough to numb exposed skin quickly, bringing in frostbite. And at -50, even wearing glasses gets tricky: the metal sticks to your cheeks and will tear off chunks of flesh when you decide to remove them.

In the region of Yakutia (Yakutsk) in Siberia, temperatures are known to reach to -80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a record low on the planet, recorded on January 14, 2018! It was so cold, people’s lashes would freeze together in icicles!

Still, the residents of Yakutsk are no strangers to the cold that made the entire fish market a frozen goods aisle! Because the soil is terrible for growing plants, the locals feed on fish and meat alone. That is the only thing they sell at the market, frozen solid fish in the form of popsicles that people bring home and cook until it is thawed. It is the world’s coldest village.

If you think that they drink to stay alive on the inside, the locals say it is not possible, because if they had to drink every time they felt cold, they would be chronic alcoholics by the time the winter was over!